There are so many benefits of natural hair but when most women think of transitioning to natural hair, they tend to think of the challenges and problems associated with this process. They begin to think about how hard it may be managing their newly natural hair since they have become so used to gliding their comb through their nicely relaxed hair. However, having natural hair has its benefits and perks. Yes, it will require more maintenance but I can honestly say the benefits of having natural hair are truly worth it.

The reason why I have compiled this list is to give you an overall view of why having natural hair truly rocks but first take a look at my personal picture! In the photo on the left, I was natural for 2.5 years and the photo on the right, I was natural for 3.5 years. The photo on the left is basically the length my hair was for all of my adult life, while relaxed. I basically grew my hair this length using protective styles. To see how I grew my hair this length, click here for my post on Protective Styles for Natural Hair



Top 3 Reasons Being Natural Rocks

  1. You Become Chemical Free – Sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate, guanidine hydroxide, thioglycolic acid and lithium hydroxide? I can barely pronounce those names so why should I put them in my hair :/. None of these chemicals are good for you and overtime, they could have a negative impact on your health. So eliminating relaxers will cause you to become chemical free. The main products I use are 100% natural, Coconut Oil and 100% Unrefined Organic Shea Butter.
  2. Natural Hair Growth and Retention – When you decide to go natural, you are no longer chemically processing your hair. Therefore, your hair becomes much stronger causing it less likely to break. Since your hair is no longer breaking off, you are retaining and keeping all of your growth. This will cause you to have stronger and longer hair.
  3. You Obtain Stronger Hair – Did you know that African American’s natural hair is strong because of our African roots? Year around, Africa has a very high climate with very hot temperatures. Therefore, God equipped us with strong hair to protect our scalp from the sun/heat. So once you become natural, you gain the strength of your hair follicles back.

These reasons make me believe that being natural rocks! Yes, it is high maintenance and requires work but anything worth having is worth working hard for (remember that!). But maybe I overlooked some reasons so feel free to list yours in the comments below.

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