If you’re looking for birthday freebies, then you’re in the right place! There’re no better feeling than getting freebies on your birthday! I like to celebrate my birthday all month long, therefore I use ALL of my freebies…yes all! Here are some freebies for your special day!

birthday freebies

  1. Free Checking Account from Capitol One!
  2. Visit any Firehouse Subs restaurant on your actual birthday and have I.D. in hand, and that sub is yours. Find a Firehouse near you.
  3. Join MyPoints NOW! – Earn $10 and receive FREE points for on your birthday!
  4. Free Birthday Meal from IHOP
  5. Free Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins
  6. Free Beverage from Dunkin Donuts
  7. Fee Burger and Fries from Ruby Tuesday
  8. Free Burger and Fries from Red Robin
  9. Free dessert from Applebees
  10. Free milkshake from Arby’s
  11. Free ice cream from Ben & Jerrys
  12. Free doughnut from Krispy Kreme
  13. Free appetizer or dessert from Longhorne Steakhouse
  14. Free beverage from Starbucks
  15. Free Waffle from Wafflehouse
  16. Free meal from Zaxbys

And sometimes I just ask if there are any birthday specials…never hurts to ask and I may have missed a few so please feel free to include in the comments below.

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