Learn How to Give!

Money Tip #5: Apply the “Open Hand Theory” to your life which means if your hand is always tightly closed because you never give, then you will never receive but if your hand is open from giving, then your hand is open to receive as well!


A lot of individuals fail to give because they feel as if they don’t have the resources to do so. However, one of your most important resources is your time and until you have the resources to give financially, you can always give your time. You can volunteer at the local soup kitchen, volunteer to sit with elderly individuals who have no family or donate old clothing. There are plenty of ways to give!

Before I became a giver, I never had enough. I was living paycheck to paycheck but once I started paying my tithes (10% of my income) and offering, I have always had more than enough! So I admonish you to apply the “Open Hand Theory” to your life!

What are some of the ways you give? Please share in the comments below!