This Girl Can is a new phenomenon taking over the web. While surfing the web this weekend, I found a video promoting female empowerment titled ‘This Girl Can‘  and I instantly fell in love! I’ll include a link to the video below but before I go into detail, what is empowerment?  To empower means to give ability to; enable or permit and this video is doing just that for women all over the world. It shows women running, playing sports, swimming, dancing and having a good time while doing it! It shows them jiggling, sweating, smiling, laughing and it even shows them displaying pain. However, the most exciting part about the video is that these women aren’t size 2 models that look airbrushed and perfect! They look like the average woman you see on a daily basis.


Therefore, this video is allowing women to embrace their bodies and to appreciate what God has given them. It’s so empowering and motivating and I absolutely love it! It reminds me of how I feel when I go to my Zumba Dance Workout Class. I truly dance like no one is watching. Why? Because This Girl Can! After watching this video, I promise that you will feel the same sense of  woman empowering I felt!