Looking for natural hair blogs, regardless of hair type, can be challenging. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 10 natural hair blogs for women with all hair types – curly, kinky, wavy, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c. Check out our list, which is in no particular order and feel free to add more of the best natural hair blogs in the comments.

Fosci Natural Hair Art

  1. Natural Chica – The owner and founder of this blog ‘Mae’ is not only an awesome natural hair blogger but she’s an also an awesome YouTuber. She has taken us on her journey from relaxed to natural hair since July 2009. If you are looking for tips & video tutorials to help with  your own natural hair journey, then you should definitely subscribe!
  2. Curly Girl Swag – We absolutely love Curly Girl Swag. The owner, India Leviege discusses the natural products and styles she uses. Having healthy blonde natural hair can be challenging to some but she somehow manages to pull it off. She also has a store with cute products for naturalistas. You should definitely subscribe!
  3. Black and Married With Kids – We love the ‘family approach’ this blog takes. Not only does it cover natural hair tips for adults but it includes tips for children as well. The owner of this blog, Franchesca Warren is a writer, author, blogger, educator, runner, entrepreneur and mother. She definitely shines through her posts by including her own personal touch. You should definitely subscribe!
  4. My Mane Moves – We love this blog because it takes a different approach that most natural hair bloggers don’t by including TV/YouTube. The owner, Natasha created Mane Moves TV in late 2010 as an online television network dedicated to teaching women of color how to care for their natural hair. She continues to shed light on growing natural hair and techniques one should take. You should definitely subscribe!
  5. Naptural85 – This awesome blogger, by the name of Whitney, is another one who started through YouTube videos and we’re so glad she did. She continues to teach women how to successfully grow their 4a type hair through techniques and products she has tried herself. You should definitely subscribe!
  6. Jessica Simien – This blog is a little different than the others since it is also a lifestyle and entertainment blog but the fabulous owner of the site also covers natural hair tips, tutorials and topics. So if you want your entertainment fix as well as your natural hair fix, you should definitely subscribe!
  7. Coco and Creme – Now if you’re looking for natural hair styles and ideas, then this is definitely the blog for you. It’s not solely a natural hair blog but it covers tips and tutorials on hairstyles and products. You should definitely subscribe!
  8. Naturalicious Hair – The owner of this blog, Terez Howard, stated that her goal is to provide other naturals with a comprehensive resource and thorough guide to caring for their natural hair and she definitely does it through her blog. If you are looking for an abundance of information on natural hair, you should definitely subscribe!
  9. Young Fabulous and Natural – We absolutely love this natural hair blog. Not only does she cover topics on hair but she also discusses everyday topics. We also love her ‘keep it real’ approach when it comes to natural hair. Therefore, you should definitely subscribe!
  10. Kis for Kinky – The layout of this blog is absolutely fabulous and it includes a plethora of hairstyles. You can watch YouTube tutorials directly from the site. This site also takes a different approach as they feature personal photos of beautiful women to let them know that they are beautiful! We think that you should definitely subscribe!

So again, I may have overlooked some natural hair blogs so feel free to add links in the comments below and if you liked this post, please share, digg, add to reddit, subscribe, etc!