During this time of the year, most people are looking for ways to save on electricity costs since bills tend to increase during the winter. Instead of turning your thermostat up to 75 degrees+, here are electric heaters I recommend to help you keep warm without breaking the bank.

Pelonis Fan-forced Heater with Thermostat

This is the one I currently I have. I actually own 2 of them. I absolutely love this heater. It keeps my bedroom warm and sometimes I don’t even turn my heat on. This heater has helped me save a lot of money.

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

This space heater has over 6000+ reviews on Amazon.com and it is only $23.99. It also known as a best seller. I don’t personally own this heater but there are plenty of personal reviews from others on Amazon. I believe you can’t go wrong with this one and the price is definitely favorable!

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control

This is another popular electric heater. With over 2500+ reviews on Amazon, there are plenty of people raving about this one. It is much bigger than the other 2 listed above and it comes with a remote control. So the higher price of $51.99 is definitely expected but overall worth it.

If you currently own any of these heaters, please feel free to leave your review in the below comments.