Good question! Exactly what do women wear to a black tie event? It’s obvious that a man would wear a tuxedo but what options do women have? Most black tie events are planned due to charity events, professional corporations, military balls, etc. Therefore, one can assume that a women would want to look classy and not trashy, right?

Floor length gowns are usually considered more elegant than shorter dresses. Although there are some variations to this rule, in general, most women wear formal, floor length gowns to black tie events. However, there have been recent designs of elegant short dresses. The style of a dress may be simple or it may be embellished with sequins or other bead work. Colors tend to be rich and elegant, with black and red being the most popular options. Small jeweled clutches are used, instead of regular sized purses, for black tie events, and shoes that are shiny, made of satin, or beaded are excellent choices. If you need a dress for an upcoming black tie event, I have included a few examples of dresses and shoes and where you can find them below. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

black sequin maxi dress

Black Sequin Maxi Dress

Black Multi-Strap Dress can be found here!

Red Dress can be found here

Navy blue dress can be found here


Shoes can be found here                                                  Shoes can be found here


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