Why do women wear thongs?

Many women will cite the comfort factor or the fact that what you wear underneath your clothing can boost your self-confidence; however, the single biggest reason why women choose to wear thongs is because…There are no panty lines to worry about! Yep, that’s the major reason. Thongs can definitely be a girl’s best friend. Whether you are at work, walking around in the mall, on date night or ladies night, visible panty lines are a woman’s worst nightmare. It’s like walking around with a big red target on you that says look at me and guess what type of underwear I am wearing. I absolutely hate it and if I see a woman experiencing the same issue, I want to pull her to the side and let her know (but I usually don’t – who does, right?)

By wearing Thong Underwear with that perfect outfit, visible panty lines become virtually nonexistent. So wear your outfit with pride! No one needs to know what is going on underneath. So now you have an idea as to why do women wear thongs?

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