Daily Devotional for Women – Romans 8:31 KJV states “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Now I want you to stop and take a few seconds to repeat those words to yourself. Wow! What a powerful scripture?!?! This scripture says so much even though it only includes a few words.

Isn’t it funny how we go through life thinking and believing that we are doing everything on own?  We sometimes believe that we are in every struggle, battle and fight by ourselves but fortunately, that’s not true!

Daily Devotional for Women - If God Be for Us Who Can Be Against Us? http://www.lovelysharice.com[/caption%5D


I used the above picture to show how life can cause us to continually have our mental hands up ready for the next fight. We live our lives stressing about the next battle coming our way. However, with God on our side, we don’t have to live our lives that way (as long as we trust him). There was a time in my life where I was very defensive because of different situations I encountered and experienced in my life. I was always guarded with my hands up, ready for a fight, just like the woman in the picture. When I began to learn that God was for me and that no one can come against me, I was able to start enjoying life. I began to let people in, love more and then I allowed myself to be happy. Once I started giving God all of these “battles”, life became so much easier. If God is on your side, NO ONE can stop you, NO ONE can come against you and NO ONE can destroy you!

There is a song by Israel Houghton called “Our God”. It’s an awesome song that talks about this very topic and just how great our God is…please check it out – http://youtu.be/Qo8JbnAqdq4!

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