How to Improve Your Credit Score Quickly  is a question on the minds of those who are interested in purchasing a new home, car, personal loan, insurance or even a new cell phone plan. It was also a question that was on my mind over 10 years ago.

In 2004, I graduated from high school and moved from my hometown to Charlotte, NC. It was very hard for me to find a job so when I got a job at a call center making $10/hr, I thought I was rich (don’t stone me…I was young)! I bought a brand new car, new apartment, brand new furniture all at the young age of 19! Well 6 months later, I lost my job and had to move back home with my mom. I had my new car, new furniture, new baby (oh yeah I was pregnant too) and bad credit! So I used these 6 steps to get rid of bad credit and improve my credit score.


how to improve your credit score quickly

  1. Check ALL of your credit reports for free annually at
    • Be sure to pull your credit report from all 3 credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
  2. Dispute ALL inaccuracies including incorrect Names, Addresses and SSN Variations.
    • You can do this online using each credit bureaus’ website.
  3.  Be careful not to awaken ‘dead debt’.
    • If it has reached its SOL (statue of limitations) which is usually 7 years, dispute as Obsolete!
  4. After you receive notification about addresses being deleted, dispute ALL  negative items listed online.
    • Don’t dispute the good items (they usually go fast and are helping your credit).
    • After this step, see what’s left and then ATTACK one by one!
    • Any and all collection accounts.
    • Unfamiliar accounts
    • Etc.
  5. Don’t agree to any “DEALS / OFFERS” with the Collection Agency before they are able to VALIDATE your debt but if you do agree…only PAY if they promise to DELETE! (a Paid Collection is just as bad as a Unpaid Collection)
  6.   Apply for 1 to 2 store credit cards. 
    • They usually have high interest rates but you will only use the card to make small purchases and then pay it off right away.
    • Don’t apply for too much credit as it can hurt your credit as well. It takes 2 years for an inquiry to fall off.
    • Go to your local furniture store  (i.e. Schewels, Grands Furniture, Ashley Furniture, etc) to see if they will approve you for a small amount of credit. If so, purchase a small item and pay it off in 3-6 months just to show that credit line on your credit report.

These are 6 tips I used to repair my credit and increase my credit score. If this has helped you, please share using the buttons below so it can help others! Please subscribe for more posts such as this one from Lovely Sharice.