Relationship advice for men and women is very plentiful nowadays but what’s the real secret to healthy relationships? sometimes you just have to go back to the basics. Before you could learn how to read, write or spell, you had to first learn your ABCs! If you were lucky, your parents started teaching you at home but without mastering your ABCs, there was no way you were going to make it to the 1st grade. That’s exactly how it is in a relationship. If you don’t learn the basic stuff, then you’re doomed!

Once when I was dating this guy, we found ourselves in a heated argument. He completed an act that I totally disagreed with and I was angry, very angry! During our argument, I passionately shouted, “you should know this, it’s the ABCs of a relationship!”. However, after the argument was over, I thought to myself, maybe he didn’t know the simple do’s and dont’s of a relationship. So I created this guide titled, “The ABCs of a Relationship”. So no need to delay…. Let’s get right to this relationship advice for men and women! Hope it helps.


A for Affection

B for ‘the Bedroom’

C for Cater 

D for Date Night

E for Evolve

F for Friends

G for Growth

H for Hugging (non-sexual)

I for Invest

J for Judging (say no to Judging)

K for Keep it Clean

L for Love

M for Marriage

N for Nice

O for ‘be Original’

P for Prayer / Passion / Plan (I couldn’t decide :(…there all important in a relationship)

Q for Quality Time (emphasis on QUALITY)

R for Respect (R.E.S.P.E.C.T)

S for Sacrifice (Every relationship requires sacrifice)

T for Trust (If you don’t have it, strive to get it or let him/her go!)

U for Unforgiveness (say NO to unforgiveness and learn How to Forgive!)

V for Vacations (Every couple needs one)

W for Work (yes, Relationships require W.O.R.K so you can make it WORK)

X for X-Rated (keep it hot)!

Y for YES (it’s ok to say yes to your spouse sometimes, even when it’s something you don’t feel like doing at that time)

Z for Zealous (stay zealous to please one another)

If you apply these basic concepts to your relationship, you should definitely see growth and happiness. If this guide has helped you, please share using the buttons below. Also, please subscribe so you can stay in the know!