Spanx Reviews 2015 – Yes you read that title correctly, don’t let the SPANX fool you too. This piece of body shapewear works so well that it can cause you to believe that you really are in shape and curvy (which is nobody’s business but your own) but just don’t let it fool you.

My love began with these… SPANX Bodyshaping Tights

In regard to my personal experience with Spanx, I wear skirts and dresses daily so I definitely want my curves to look good. I found the perfect pair of SPANX Bodyshaping Tights and I instantly fell in love. I would pair these miracle tights with a bodycon dress or a pencil skirt and the rest was history. They instantly give me a lift that takes me at least two months to get with squats so I stopped working out (which was a big no no). After 3 months of no exercise, I began to feel the effects.

How I let the Spanx fool me

Since the Spanx was working so well, I stopped working out. I stopped going to my workout classes, stopped going to the gym and even stopped eating healthy. I would just put my SPANX  on and go but as time progressed, I noticed a change in my body. I was no longer in shape. Once I noticed these changes, I immediately started working out but I continued to wear my Spanx and then things look even better.

What I Think About Spanx

I LOVE them. Sometimes you may be experiencing a day (or month) where your body doesn’t look as good as you would like it to look so why not wear them? Just don’t stop working out as I did. Oh and now I’m training for a 5k so I am definitely making up for lost time!

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