What to wear to a wedding is an important question to women. A wedding is a big event so it is imperative that you look good too. Great news – I have included a few suggestions and examples below!  Now you should never go to a wedding trying to look better than the bride and groom but you must definitely go looking good. Besides, you never know who you’ll meet or bump into while there. I once had a friend tell me in the 6th grade that you must always look good when you leave the house because you never know if you’ll bump into your future husband (yes, we were in the 6th grade, lol).

It is primarily going to depend on what time of day the wedding is being held and the type of dress code the invitation specifies. For a daytime wedding, consider wearing a flirty floral dress, a skirt with a matching sweater, or a light colored suit. Pair your outfit with a beautiful, coordinating hat. For an evening wedding, consider wearing a cocktail dress or a darker colored dress for a sophisticated look. Avoid sequins or beads unless the invitation specifies black tie. Regardless of what type of dress you need, see if you like any of the items listed below.

Daytime Wedding

Dress can be found here

Dress can be found here (would suggest pairing with a cardigan during event unless outside)


what to wear to a wedding

Dress can be found here

Dress can be found here

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