Forgiveness and how to forgive are topics that we tend to avoid. We try to avoid it and live life acting as if we’re not struggling with the lack of forgiveness. When someone struggles with a physical problem such as alcoholism, abuse, lust, adultery, etc, it’s easier to point it out. However, when someone struggles with an issue such as unforgiveness, it’s easier to ignore since it’s not a visual condition. However, although the condition is invisible, the effects can be very visible. If you hold on to unforgiveness and fail to let it go, you will grow old and bitter. You will become mean and hateful and I know we’ve all met at least one person like that in our lifetime.

how to forgive

When Jesus died on the cross, he had to endure hate from the same people who professed their love to him less than a week ago. They spat on him, whipped him with metal objects, pierced his side and hung him up on a wooden cross to die. Instead of Jesus telling God to kill every individual responsible for his death, he asked God to forgive them. Luke 23:34 KJV states ‘Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots’.

Now the human mind can’t understand this concept. How could Jesus instantly forgive these people? He didn’t wait for weeks, months nor years to go by but he instantly forgave them. I believe that Jesus knew something that some of us don’t know. He knew that forgiveness was not only for the person who committed the ‘crime’ but it’s also for the person who has been victimized. When you make the decision to forgive someone, there’s a transaction that takes place. You release negative energy. You are no longer a prisoner of unforgiveness and there’s no greater gift than freedom!

There’s a song by J.Moss called ‘Forgive Me Lord’ where he is asking God for forgiveness. It’s a very beautiful song (included below) and it shows how at some point, we will all need forgiveness. So in order for God to forgive you, you must first forgive!

In my devotions, I will always refer to the King James Version bible. If you are looking for a good, affordable copy, I recommend the one pictured below since it has large print and a reference. You can find it here.

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